Look! More Groovy Art From the 2022 BATMAN Calendar

Lots of classic tidbits from the ’70s — and MORE…

Late last week, we ran a post touting the forthcoming 2022 DC Comics Batman Wall Calendar, which takes its cues from the Bronze Age. (Click here for that grooviness.)

Well, as it happens, additional art has been released by publisher Trends International that shows the back of the calendar — and fills in the rest of the year beyond January and February:

A few thoughts:

— Let’s see, let’s see. In addition to the obvious Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez style-guide art and the Dick Giordano images that we highlighted the other day, I see Win Mortimer’s Riddler battling the Dynamic Duo from 1948’s Detective Comics #140; Curt Swan’s frozen Caped Crusader from Mr. Freeze’s (ne Mr. Zero) first appearance in 1958’s Batman #121; and Batgirl art from a 1974 APC canister puzzle (which I believe was repurposed from the comics, though I’m not 100 percent sure of the artist).

— At this size, October looks like JLGL stock art, though it could be Giordano. Either way, it’s worth noting that the Penguin’s pose is similar to this 1974 canister puzzle:

— I’m fairly certain those are Giordano’s Joker and Two-Face in May and June but I need to see a bigger image. (If you can positively ID the art, please do so in the comments!)

— And thanks to eagle-eyed reader Brian Greene, who found out that, like the 2022 Marvel calendar, there might be a smaller version of this one. (The full-size version lists for $14.99.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I believe the swinging images of Robin in both January and May are be Giordano, and are from the Super Friends Valentines Activity Book from 1980, which contains mostly new (or redrawn) work by Giordano. Joker with the dynamite detonator looks like Giordano to me as well. I think the image of Two-Face in June is a more recent style guide image, but I can’t recall who did it. Perhaps Ordway. I believe that’s his Batman swinging at Two-Face, or lifting him by his collar.

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  2. I wished they used the actual cover artwork. The Mr. Zero looks too modernize, bulky. I had a number of the puzzles in a can but not the Penguin one. Either way, my order has been placed.

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  3. I most definitely like the retro route that this new “Batman” calendar is taking.

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  4. That is one UGLY looking Mr. Freeze. Badly design suit. Looks like it so heavy he is about ready to fall over.
    Wish they has used the Mr. Freeze costume from BATMAN #308 & 375, DETECTIVE COMICS #526, and WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #275.

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  5. I loved it right up until they badly photoshopped the same picture of the Riddler from the 1940s in March so that he’s now being punched by Batgirl in April.

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