JON SABLE, FREELANCE: Mike Grell’s Classic Series Gets Second Deluxe Collection

An Absolute-sized volume of action and adventure…

Mike Grell’s classic creator-owned series Jon Sable, Freelance is getting a second, deluxe hardcover collection that mimics DC’s oversize Absolute Editions.

Grell’s Masterstroke Studios in 2020 launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for Volume 1, but the pandemic created complications for release. The edition finally came out earlier this year and now Volume 2 has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. So it’s happening, folks. Now, it’s just a matter of signing up — and checking out some of the downright extravagant goodies available to backers at certain levels, including Grell commissions.

“We knew we wanted to do an Absolute (DC format) size version of Jon Sable with fully remastered, but not recolored, art,” project editor Jeff Messer said. “But we didn’t realize that 2021 and 2022 were going to be so impacted by pandemic problems. So it took a lot longer to produce the book. However, the end results have been well-received. Now we’re moving quickly on Volumes 2 and 3, with hopes of having both out in the next 12 months.”

According to Messer, Glenn Hauman of ComicMix “did meticulous work on the original art files, luckily well-preserved, and enhanced the art and colors without doing a full recoloring, which has often been met with criticism from fans of older comics being released in deluxe editions. Masterstroke’s goal was to make it look like the original books looked, but just enhanced to a level that made it look the best it ever has. Errors in coloring in those original issues were actually fixed for the first time, and some pages that ended up printing dark or murky in the old newsprint days, are vivid and clear now. Volume 2 continues that process, and is on course to be finished in the coming months and ready to print quickly.”

Jon Sable, Freelance Volume 2 includes Issues #14-27, with some additional pages, including a new piece of art by Grell. Backers can get sketches and other items, including Volume 1. For example, Grell is doing new pen-and-chalk commission pieces. Backers can get head and full figure sketches, quick sketch remarques in the books, while two backers will have a chance to be drawn into a standalone book being printed to accompany the campaign.

Black Canary

Stretch goals go even further: Masterstroke is looking to fund the creation of new Grell art and stories for Sable and Maggie the Cat. Backers will get exclusive previews of the new pages as they progress over the coming months.

Again, the main project has already been funded, so check out the campaign here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Awesome. This was a great series. I would love for something like this to be done with Grimjack and Scout.

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  2. A great, forgotten, series.

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