JOHN BYRNE’s Complete GENERATIONS Saga to Get Omnibus Treatment

The epic that followed the legacies of Superman and Batman through time…

John Byrne’s Generations saga, which posited the notion of what might have happened if Superman and Batman began their careers in the ’30s but then aged in real time, will be collected as an omnibus early in 2021, according to an Amazon listing.

Dig the official description of the Superman & Batman: Generations Omnibus, along with placeholder art:

Superman & Batman: Generations Omnibus

Legendary writer and illustrator, John Byrne, transports us through this century-spanning tale to witness the evil that brings the Batman and Superman together as a team. Now collected entirely in an omnibus!

Imagine a world where Superman and Batman aged normally from their debuts in 1938 and 1939! From their first meeting to their confrontations with the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Mr. Mxyzptlk, their personal relationship continually evolves from best friends to bitter partners and finally respected peers. How would their legacies be passed on to future generations of heroes? With appearances by Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, the JSA, the Spectre, Batgirl, Blackhawk, Deadman, Cyborg, and more this collection has all the twists and turns the DC Universe has to offer!

Collects Superman & Batman: Generations An Imaginary Tale #1-4, which follows Superman and Batman from the beginning with stories taking place 10 years after the previous one. Superman & Batman: Generations II #1-4, where the stories take leaps of 11 years, ending in the year 2019. And Superman & Batman: Generations III #1-12, which begins in the year 1925 and jumps to 100 years in the future in each story, while featuring characters from future timelines and Jack Kirby’s New Gods.

A few thoughts:

— The 720-page hardcover lists for $75 and is due Feb. 16, 2021, according to Amazon.

— I’ve read the initial story but not the sequels, so I gotta say I’m intrigued. The first Elseworlds mini came out in 1998-99, by the by.

— Standard caveat: This has not been solicited by DC yet, so nothing is official until it’s official. Even then, things can change. Just keep coming to 13th Dimension for updates.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I loved this series. Reminded me of the old imaginary stories that ran in the ’60s about an adult Robin and new Robin penned by Alfred. JB’s work drawing the golden age is my favorite too. I’ll definitely be buying this.

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  2. Good news! Thanks for sharing the news.

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  3. Please go to Cons finally John..please..

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  4. Dan; The second Generations mini-series was just as enjoyable. The third series was much more involved. Still enjoyable. Almost made me wish that the series had become ongoing.

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  5. I enjoyed the first two minis, but my son absolutely LOVED them. So much, I finally just gave him my copies, and found a set of the third mini on ebay for him, as a Christmas present 2 years back. So, needless to say, this is going on his Christmas list, and maybe mine too!

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  6. Definitely a love letter to the silver age imaginary stories. It gets a little dark if I remember correctly. But overall it’s pretty good and worth checking out.

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