JIMMY PALMIOTTI Picks Five Sexy Comic Book Covers

Palmiotti and Co. have a new volume of Sex and Violence coming and everyone’s still talking about Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman cover. What perfect timing!


I was asked to list my Five Sexiest Covers to celebrate the beginning of my new Kickstarter project, Sex and Violence Vol. 2. After I got over the fact that putting the Manara Spider-Woman cover in would cause even more attention, I decided that maybe I should look elsewhere.

There are so many great sexy covers to choose from, so rather than go through a million covers, I found a piece by each artist I love. Before we get into it here, understand that I know some of these are way over the top … but in each case, these cover images are aimed specifically at an audience looking for this kind of mature material.

All of the covers except one are on ADULT comics for mature audiences. Oh, and I still found a Manara cover for you to enjoy, but not a superhero one:


Dave Johnson is one of the finest cover artists in any business and has done so many wonderful covers it was really hard to choose. I really love this 100 Bullets cover of the lovers about to shoot each other. The threat is there, yet the hands and body language by them both make it a wonderful piece of erotica. Dave was smart making both characters looking sad and beautiful at the same time. This image stays with you because of spectacular composition and refined rendering.


Next is this The Spirit cover by Darwyn Cooke. This one is for the guys and the gals. Sure it’s a male fantasy, but I love the aggressive joy on all the women’s faces and how our boy is caught totally off guard. I mean… its raining women! Every time I see this I laugh. So much so, Darwyn gave me the original piece of art.


Next I play favorites by choosing my wife Amanda Conner’s Painkiller Jane cover. It’s a classic sexy, over-the-top pose, but the confidence and determination in her eyes make it for me. Honest, she could be wearing a winter coat… it’s the face that makes this really sexy


This classic from Dave Stevens is just impossible in so many ways, but I love it. So does the cactus in the background, standing at full attention. Dave was a lover of classic pin-up art, so it makes sense that we see a ton of this in his work. I sure miss Dave and his work.


This cover is from a collection of erotic comics by master Milo Manara. It is simply a beautifully rendered kiss. Believe me, it’s something that is not easy to draw and this particular pose is powerful as hell and appeals to both men and women, I think. This stance tells us there is a story here… and I want to know more. For that it works for me.

I had to only pick five… had it been 10, well, you would have seen a lot of Adam Hughes for sure.

Author: 13th Dimension

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