JACK KIRBY: Dig This Groovy Cache of BEFORE AND AFTER Art

Looking at the King from different sides…

Looking at original art paired against the final product fascinates me in general. But it’s incredibly compelling when the artist in question is one of the greatest in the biz. Neal Adams is a terrific example. Gil Kane and John Buscema are two others.

Of course, though, the king is the King — Jack Kirby.

TwoMorrows’ Jack Kirby Collector #82 is out this week — the theme is “The Many Worlds of Jack Kirby” — and included is a series of pages curated by editor/publisher John Morrow that give you a “before and after” view of a comics genius, with mixed results.

Check them out below as an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from the new ish. But first, dig the table of contents.

Right on:



Jack Kirby Collector #82 is available now. You can get it at comics shops or magazine sellers but you can also order it directly from TwoMorrows. Click here.


— JACK KIRBY: ANIMATED — A History of the King in Cartoons Is Coming Your Way. Click here.

— How JACK KIRBY Was Comics’ Version of STEVE JOBS — Or Vice Versa. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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