Have a holly, jolly Christmas with these wonderful comics…


With the holidays here, and a number of great comic book digests making their annual appearance, I was suddenly put in mind of about two dozen Silver Age holiday Dell Giants I picked up awhile back. These all featured characters from animated shorts and lasted until the characters started appearing in Gold Key Comics in 1962. For a quarter (or, sometimes, 35 cents), kids really got their money’s worth with these incredible 80-to-100 page, full-size comics that featured new stories.

Merry Christmas!

In chronological order…

Bugs Bunny’s Christmas Parade #6 (1955)

MGM’s Tom and Jerry’s Winter Fun #3 (1954)

MGM’s Tom and Jerry’s Winter Fun #4 (1955)

MGM’s Tom and Jerry’s Winter Fun #5 (1956)

MGM’s Tom and Jerry’s Winter Fun #6 (1957)

MGM’s Tom and Jerry’s Winter Fun #7 (1958)

Lest you think Dell did this only once a year, remember the lyric by the Byrds (via the Bible), “To Every Thing There is a Season.” Tired of Winter Fun? Enjoy your Summer Fun, Vacation Funnies, and more, because before you know it Back to School will be upon you:

MGM’s Tom and Jerry’s Summer Fun #3 (1956)

Bugs Bunny’s Beach Party #32 (1960)

Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker’s County Fair #5 (1956)

Bugs Bunny’s Vacation Funnies #8 (1958)

M.G.M.’s Tom and Jerry’s Toy Fair #1 (1958)

MGM’s Tom and Jerry’s Picnic Time #1 (1958)

Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker’s Back to School #3 (1954)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. For the most part those Dell covers didn’t display the mischievousness, and ultimately the fun, of the characters. Tom & Jerry look so benign and kiddified. Guess that was the intended audience.

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  2. There were also some Hanna-Barbera seasonal specials.

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  3. Yes, really beautiful covers.

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