Is BATMAN ’66 MEETS SUPERMAN ’55 in the Works?

Some fresh Alex Ross art has fans in a frenzy.

Three gorgeous new images by Alex Ross have been making the rounds today (thanks, Des Taylor for the heads up!) showcasing the classic screen versions of DC’s biggest characters, like so:

But there’s one that really gives you pause — because it looks very much like the kinds of covers Ross has done for the Batman ’66 comics:

I mean, come on.

Unfortunately, though, a West-Reeves virtual pairing is not in the works, a DC spokesman told me. Which just screams missed opportunity. To be fair, though, rights issues are often sticky and it’s tough to say where things even stand with the Reeves estate, such as it is. For all we know, DC wants to do it — like they have with the Green Hornet, the Man From UNCLE, the UK Avengers and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman — but just can’t. They’ve done such a great job with Batman ’66 I find it hard to believe they haven’t broached this subject.

Still, the future’s a long time. Things can change. Hell, for decades we never thought we’d get Batman ’66 on home video.

So maybe, just maybe, we’ll get Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’55 someday. Or, even better, Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’78.

Now THAT would be worth turning back time for.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I have got to have prints of these.

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  2. Does George Reeves even have an estate at this point?

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    • George Reeves, Christopher Reeve.

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  3. Make all of these happen DC! Excuse me, I have to pick my jaw up off the floor. And mop up the drool…

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  4. 66/55. Let’s get it out my June ! The cover’s already done. World’s Silverist Comics.

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