Is BATMAN ’66 MEETS SUPERMAN ’55 in the Works?

Some fresh Alex Ross art has fans in a frenzy.

Three gorgeous new images by Alex Ross have been making the rounds today (thanks, Des Taylor for the heads up!) showcasing the classic screen versions of DC’s biggest characters, like so:

But there’s one that really gives you pause — because it looks very much like the kinds of covers Ross has done for the Batman ’66 comics:

I mean, come on.

Unfortunately, though, a West-Reeves virtual pairing is not in the works, a DC spokesman told me. Which just screams missed opportunity. To be fair, though, rights issues are often sticky and it’s tough to say where things even stand with the Reeves estate, such as it is. For all we know, DC wants to do it — like they have with the Green Hornet, the Man From UNCLE, the UK Avengers and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman — but just can’t. They’ve done such a great job with Batman ’66 I find it hard to believe they haven’t broached this subject.

Still, the future’s a long time. Things can change. Hell, for decades we never thought we’d get Batman ’66 on home video.

So maybe, just maybe, we’ll get Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’55 someday. Or, even better, Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’78.

Now THAT would be worth turning back time for.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I have got to have prints of these.

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  2. Does George Reeves even have an estate at this point?

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    • George Reeves, Christopher Reeve.

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  3. Make all of these happen DC! Excuse me, I have to pick my jaw up off the floor. And mop up the drool…

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  4. 66/55. Let’s get it out my June ! The cover’s already done. World’s Silverist Comics.

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  5. Not only am I a reader of Batman ’66 but, I also like to write my own adventures. If only I could draw I would create my own comics and post them free online like Andy Fish. Here’s my concept for the crossover that everyone wants to see…

    “Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’55”.

    The two most popular TV heroes of the 20th century. Adam West’s Batman and George Reeves’ Superman. Would it be a family friendlier version of Batman vs Superman or would they be natural allies whom Batman calls “Soup” as he did in his 1976 appearance in Memphis? I tend to think the latter.

    The first problem I came up with is how to get the Superman cast to the 60’s without aging them. Sure, it would be nothing for Superman to still be active in the 60s but, what about Lois Lane and the young Jimmy Olsen? As much as I detest time travel stories I felt that Metropolis’ local friendly mad scientist Professor Pepperwinkle (a character already established on the TV series) could accidently invent a machine that sends people through time instead of it’s intended purpose.

    With no way to get home the Superman cast hear of Batman and Robin and seek them out for assistance. Their timely arrival helps the Dynamic Duo out of a jam and Superman quickly becomes an ally of Batman and agree to help the Caped Crusaders solve their current caper. In exchange Batman promises to use all resourses available in the Batcave to help them return to their own time.

    Meanwhile in 1955 Professor Pepperwinkle has been trying to bring them back. A combination of his invention and a Batman experiment causes another unexpected time travel.

    Now here’s where I was torn. Should Batman and Robin be transported back to 1955 thus causing futher time travel issues and letting the casts swap shows for a time or should only Superman be transported back leaving the rest stranded? I chose the latter. Professor Pepperwinkle figures out how to bring them all back but they must be within a few feet of another device he invented. Unfortunately there is no way to send Superman to any specific chosen period of time. He must wait 11 years before flying to Gotham and giving them the device.

    While Superman has to wait 11 years, to those in the 60s it feels like a few seconds. Superman disappears and then flies back a few seconds later. But within those 11 years Clark learns of information vital to help Batman solve the crime. He follows the lead for years as it plays out in real time as history puts the clues together naturally. When the time comes to fly back to Gotham City the mystery is nearly solved and just needs Batman’s help to fill in the pieces. This way one can’t do it without the other.

    Also I would love to read some youthful banter between Olsen and Robin (or Dick Grayson) over who is the better Superhero. BvS family friendly style. lol

    I also think there’s some fun to be had with the Daily Planet staff. 1955 being thrown into the Swingin’ 60s. What would Lois, in her calf-length skirts, button-up collars and pillbox hats make of mini-skirts and go-go boots? How would Jimmy react to hippie culture and the Beatles?

    To add a touch of real time to the story they will have disappeared in 1957 (when the show went off the air) and transported to 1966. Upon meeting Superman, Batman recalls hearing stories about a man who could fly but those stories ended almost 10 years ago and he took them as little more than a radio program. Now he realizes they were true!

    Of course the Superman crew would ultimately be returned to their own time. Superman – the only one who could endure it – is the only one who feels the full effect of the time travel having to wait 11 years (or 9 if we tie into the show’s cancellation) to get back to the future. To everyone else it’s instantaneous. We get to see what happens to The Daily Planet and Metropolis during those nine years and Superman has to be ultra careful to both continue to stop crime but also to not change the timeline so that he can still fly back to Gotham at the right time to deliver the time device and save his friends.

    So none of the humans will be in more than one timeline at a time thus keeping everything steady.

    Superman is the last to go back. During the story it becomes nessesary for Clark to change to Superman and Batman manages to deduce that they are one and the same. When they say their goodbyes Batman assures Superman that his secret is safe with them to which Superman replies, “As is yours with me.” The Dynamic Duo seem puzzled. How could he know their secret? Superman smiles and points to his eyes reminding them of his x-ray vision. A new bond of trust has been formed.

    SUPERMAN: “I guess I’ll see you in about 11 (or 9) years.”
    BATMAN: “I guess I’ll see you… tomorrow.”

    The two shake hands before Superman also travels back to 1957. As far as Batman and Robin are concerned, once Superman has left it is back to business as usual chalking up their meeting with Superman as just one of those things in the life of every crime fighter. When Robin asks if they will ever see him again Batman replies, “Who knows. After all we can now confirm that he is out there somewhere. Right now. Maybe one day we crime fighters may even form a league of our own.”

    The next day at Wayne Manor Alfred announces the arrival of a Mr. Clark Kent. Bruce offers him some, “Soup?” which Clark declines as it drives him “Batty” in a little wink, wink moment as the story ends.

    So not to give it all away I didn’t mention the villain(s?) or a crime. Seeing as how this would likely be a six issue miniseries there is plenty of room to add that. I just wanted to show how I have the all important Batman/Superman formula worked out. And notice that I found a way to neutralise Superman in the story without using kryptonite. Something that today’s writers don’t seem to know how to do.

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  6. How about a comic where the Lewis Wilson/Douglas Croft movie serial Dynamic Duo slide into the Adam West Batman universe?

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  7. Definitely agree Superman 55 meets Batman 66 or Batman 66 meets Superman 78. It would be so cool and I think if enough of us keep asking in the end we will get it.

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  8. That would be awesome and with the Multiverse its a green light basicley. Batman 66 meets Batman 43. So marvellous. I have other suggestions Superman 78 meets Supergirl 84 Batman 89 meets Flash 1999.

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  9. That would be awesome, and lets hope one day DC do it.. Anythings possible thesedays.

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  10. MAKE IT SO, DC!!!

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