INSIDE LOOK: The BATMAN #251 Facsimile Edition

JOKER WEEK EXCLUSIVE: The latest in DC’s outstanding line of classic-issue replicas…

It’s JOKER WEEK! We’re celebrating comics’ greatest villain since there’s a big ol’ major motion picture coming out this week. For the complete index of features, click here. — Dan

So, we’re not the only ones celebrating classic Joker stories this week. The latest in DC Comics’ new line of gorgeous full-on replica comics is out Oct. 2 and it just happens to reproduce one of the greatest single issues of all time.

I’m talking about the Batman #251 Facsimile Edition, which reprints 1973’s classic story by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams in all its glory — complete with the original ads, letter column and whatnot.



But that’s just the first few story pages.

Dig the lettercol (which I’ve blown up for you for greater legibility) and some of the ads — including a classic Charles Atlas joint:

Some thoughts:

— Now, as part of JOKER WEEK, we’ve ranked the TOP 13 JOKER STORIES EVER. Yep, went out on a limb and ranked them. Guess where Batman #251 came in: Click here to find out.

— Earlier this year, as part of BATMAN WEEK, we ranked the TOP 13 BATMAN STORIES EVER. Guess where Batman #251 came in: Click here to find out.

— We’re also going to be ranking the TOP 13 JOKER COVERS EVER. Guess where Adams’ Batman #251 comes in: You’ll have to wait to find out — but keep checking back.

— Is that the greatest introductory splash page in comics history? I say yes.

— Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams discuss Batman #251 here.

— This is DC’s second O’Neil-Adams Facsimile Edition. The first was the recent Batman #232 replica. (Click here.) Happily, both utilize the original coloring. Purists rejoice!

— Did you ever order the Charles Atlas book? Or the $1.98 Raquel Welch pillow? Or Tank Trap? Let us know below!

— The Batman #251 Facsimile Edition lists for $3.99. That’s an amazing bargain. I don’t care that the story itself has been reprinted a gajillion different ways. There is nothing like reading a comic like this in its original context — especially since DC has come pretty darn close to the original printing materials. And if you want to get an original one, mid-to-high-grade unslabbed copies are going in the $375 range on eBay.

— I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait to go to Midtown Comics on Wednesday, walk in and see stacks of these on the shelf.


— The Complete JOKER’S WEEK Index of Features. Click here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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