Howard Chaykin’s BLACKHAWK Gets First-Ever Book Collection


Fans of both Golden Age and Modern Age comics are in for a treat: Howard Chaykin’s 1987-’88 revamp of the classic series is getting collected for the first time, according to a listing on Amazon.

Check out the official blurb:

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Blackhawk: Blood & Iron

BLACKHAWK is currently in development as a movie from director Steven Spielberg! Howard Chaykin’s 1988 miniseries is collected in book format for the first time. Polish pilot Janos Prohaska – better known as Blackhawk – is on American soil and in trouble. Accused of Communist leanings, he stumbles across a plot to overthrow the U.S. government and bomb New York City concocted by former Nazis out for revenge. DC collects this sensational 1988 miniseries in book format for the first time.

The hardcover, which lists for $49.99, hasn’t been formally solicited by DC yet. What does that mean? It means plans can change on a dime. But keep your eyes peeled…


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Would not be my first choice for a Blackhawk collection. I would much prefer a collection of the Evanier 1980s run, or the Reed Crandall run in the 1940s. I know GA Blackhawk is problematic due to racial stereotypes, but I would think that given the large amount of GA Blackhawk material available, they should be able to come up with enough for a good, representative collection.

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    • Totally agree! The Mark Evanier/Dan Spiegle run was the way to go.

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  2. This tome is so on my want list.

    I love the modernist twists Chaykin (like Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman) puts on tired characters/concepts (The Shadow, The Challengers of the Unknown,and of course this book), a tactic used by many writers since like Mark Russell on Snaggletooth, Jeff Lemire on Black Hammer, Matt Wagner on Wesley Dodd (Sandman).and James Robinson on Golden Age and Starman.

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