How to Vote in LYNDA CARTER’s Own WONDER WOMAN Best Episode Tournament

I’ve got The Pied Piper. You?

Hey, did you know that Lynda Carter is hosting her own March Madness tournament — only instead of college basketball teams, she’s got Wonder Woman TV episodes facing off in a bracket?

It’s true, and as I write this, here’s where things stand, going into Round 2:

So how can you vote? It’s really, really easy: Follow Carter on Facebook. Then vote for each pairing as they’re announced. It’s that simple.

You can also go through her feed to check out the completed competitions.

Personally, I’m deeply disappointed that Gault’s Brain didn’t make it out of the First Round. But I hope to ride The Pied Piper all the way to the end. How can you go wrong with Martin Mull and Jan Brady? You can’t!


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Every episode is a winner, if you ask me. Just Lynda Carter in that costume is enough. Or in her blue, one-piece swimsuit!

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