HOT PICKS! On Sale This Week!

Scott and Dan pick the comics they’re most looking forward to…

Dan Greenfield, editor, 13th Dimension

Batman #407 Facsimile Edition, DC. Wrapping up this fun four-week run of Batman: Year One reprints. Can I just say that I love the white logo? Probably more than the others in the arc? Just felt like pointing that out. (The first of FOUR Facsimile Editions this week!)

The New Teen Titans #1 Facsimile Edition, DC. My pal who runs my LCS says that when all is said and done, this will probably be the most-ordered Facsimile Edition of them all, including the foil and sketch covers. Hard to argue the popularity of this one. And, hey, I get to say I got the original when it came out!

Giant-Size Super-Stars #1 Facsimile Edition, Marvel. Marking the 50th anniversary of the first Marvel “Giant-Size” comic. I really hoped they’d do this monthly for 2024. Alas. But, hey, I can’t be greedy: We are getting monthly Secret Wars and black-suit Amazing Spider-Man issues.

Wolverine #1 Facsimile Edition, Marvel. This one has been out before. No matter. Marvel’s doing it again in advance of Wolverine’s 50th anniversary.

Nightwing Vol. 2: Get Grayson, DC. This is the paperback collection and if this is how you’ve been reading the series by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, boy are you in for a treat.

Titans #6, DC. I’m reading the main series, but not the Beast World event. Have I missed anything?

Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #3, DC. Soulful and meaningful, a worthy addition to the Green Lantern canon.

Justice Society of America #8, DC. Dig Tony Harris’ variant — and his others too!

Timeless #1, Marvel. This is supposed to be a Big Deal look into Marvel’s future. Cool. But dig the Alex Ross wraparound gatefold variant.

Marvel only released this in lo-res. Oh well.

The Flash #4, DC. Dig Stephen Segovia’s The Flash #123 homage — complete with classic logo!

Scott Tipton, contributor-at-large, 13th Dimension

Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-Up Vol. 7, Marvel. I do enjoy some Seventies Marvel Team-Ups.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #2, Marvel. Finding a way to bring in the characters from the second series of Mattel Secret Wars figures? OK, that’s clever.

Dan adds: And dig John Tyler Christopher’s Baron Zemo variant!

X-Men Epic Collection: The Brood Saga, Marvel. The X-Men’s most entertaining turn into space-opera adventure, with beautiful and terrifying art by Paul Smith.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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