Hey, Let’s Hear It for TONY HARRIS’ JUSTICE SOCIETY Variant Covers

Beauts all…

Y’know, you get busy and you don’t always catch what’s right in front of you. Great example? Acclaimed Starman artist Tony Harris’ new/recent Justice Society of America variant covers, which are finally set to be released.

Our pal and dedicated 13th Dimension reader Bill DeSimone gave me a nice, gentle elbow to the ribs and said — and I’m very broadly paraphrasing here — “Dude, Tony Harris’ JSA covers are awesome. You should do something on them.”

And he’s right. There are three that have seen the light of day — sort of, because Justice Society has been beset by all sorts of delays. Anyway, here’s the latest:

Justice Society of America #8 by Geoff Johns and Mikel Janin, due in stores Dec. 26, 2023:

Justice Society of America #9 by Johns and Janin, due in stores Jan. 30, 2024:

Justice Society of America #10 by Johns and Janin, due in stores March 12, 2024:

The only thing with that last one is that it was solicited as the Issue #10 variant, but the original listing was cancelled. The new listing says there’s a Harris cover but it doesn’t show an image. I’m assuming they’re still going with this one, but we’ll see. I still wanted to show it, either way.

Anyway, word around the Brownstone is that Harris and writer James Robinson may reunite for a 30th anniversary Starman project. Nothing firm, just hints. But if you want to see such a thing — and why wouldn’t you? — join Bill’s Facebook group The Jack Knight Starman Fan Page and lend your support. Bill’s got his ear and Cosmic Staff planted firmly to the ground — and stars.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Very nice. Love the rotoscope effect. Looks like a big Art Nouveau influence.

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  2. Tony Harris’s artwork really shines on these variant covers.

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