HOT PICKS! On Sale This Week!

Scott and Dan pick the comics they’re most looking forward to…

Dan Greenfield, editor, 13th Dimension

Crisis on Multiple Earths Book 3: Countdown to Crisis, DC. Oh boy! The JLA-JSA team-ups are my summer reading project. (I just finished the ’60s.) Plus, it happens to be the 60th anniversary of the first team-up. Oh, and they’re also the subject of an upcoming episode of the podcast Digging for Kryptonite. So buy this and read along, why don’t you? This hardcover volume collects the late ’70s-early ’80s adventures, including my personal favorite and Gerry Conway and George Perez’s three-part JLA/JSA/Secret Society throwdown.

Scott adds: I already have an earlier edition of this, but I may have to buy it again just for this Perez cover tribute by Kevin Nowlan.

Batman: The Adventures Continue — Season Three #6, DC. Oh my, is that a beautiful cover by Doc Shaner. Ra’s is back in town, Ra’s is back in town…

And dig the two variants! By Tom Reilly and Guillem March, respectively:

Detective Comics #1073, DC. Speaking of great covers, dig this Swimsuit Variant (ha!) by Pete Woods. I just love the whole idea of it, because as a kid, this is what I imagined I was doing in the pool. I’m going to buy this for that reason alone.

Nightwing Vol. 3: The Battle for Bludhaven’s Heart, DC. I have not read this but I will. When it comes out in paperback. I have catching up to do here because from what I’ve seen, Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s Nightwing belongs on my growing list of Modern Comics That Bronze Age Fans Will Dig. I just need to get to 13 titles. (Hey, Scott! Whattya think? Should we do a HOT PICKS SPECIAL?)

The Amazing Spider-Man #122 Facsimile Edition, Marvel. I mentioned recently on Rob Kelly’s TreasuryCast that my wife Wendy and I are collaborating on a project: Every four weeks, she picks a movie that she has seen, but I haven’t, that she wants to watch with me. In return, I pick a comic, graphic novel or arc for her to read that she hasn’t. Right now, she’s reading the Death of the Stacys saga (10 selected issues from ASM #88 to #137.) So how cool is it that this is coming out now? Oh, and, yeah, we plan to do a column on our little project, but we still have a ways to go. (By the way, that TreasuryCast episode? It was on Batman: War on Crime, which Wendy read earlier this year. She left a review.)

Marvel: July 1963 Omnibus, Marvel. Collecting all the Marvel Comics that came out in July 1963. Why that particular month, 60 years ago? Because The Avengers and The X-Men both debuted July 2. (More on that soon, kids!)

Star Trek: The Original Series 2024 Wall Calendar, Andrews McMeel Universal. Nichelle Nichols on the cover! We miss you, dear lady.

Scott Tipton, contributor-at-large, 13th Dimension

New Mutants Epic Collection: Asgardian Wars, Marvel. You need to buy this just for Chris Claremont and Arthur Adams’ amazing Special Edition story featuring the New Mutants’ adventures in Asgard.

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Ghosts of the Past, Marvel. Remember that time Firelord showed up in Brooklyn to get a slice of pizza and Spider-Man beat the tar out of him? One of my favorite Spidey issues ever. You can read it here.

Captain America Epic Collection: The Secret Empire, Marvel. Great Seventies-era Cap here from Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema.

Dan adds: Classic Cap. Click here to check out what Englehart had to say about it.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’m pretty happy with these hot picks, especially the one with the Kevin Nowlan cover.

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  2. Looking forward to getting ‘Secret Empire’ into my library.

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