HOT PICKS! On Sale This Week!

Scott and Dan pick the comics they’re most looking forward to this week. Well, usually anyway…

Dan Greenfield, editor, 13th Dimension

I’m a solo act this week, so…

Doomsday Clock #1, DC. Of course. I’ve already read it and I highly recommend it. For a spoiler-free 13 QUICK THOUGHTS, click here.

Action Comics #992, DC. Superman has to deal with the fallout from The Oz Effect. (But really, he has to deal with it over in Doomsday Clock.) By writers Dan Jurgens and Rob Williams and artist Will Conrad.

Batgirl #17, DC. Hope Larson and Chris Wildgoose are only proving what I’ve long felt: That Batgirl and Nightwing need their own ongoing title together. (Click here for an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW.)

James Bond: Solstice, Dynamite. I have really, really been in a Bond mood lately. Seriously, here’s why. And here’s also why. I think I’ll pick up this one-shot by Ibrahim Moustafa.

Teen Titans #14, DC. Boy, Robin and Kid Flash hate each other and things come to a head this issue. By Benjamin Percy, Khoi Pham and Trevor Scott.

Punisher: The Platoon #3, Marvel. Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov’s Vietnam-era stories are superb. (Click here for a SNEAK PEEK.)

Die Kitty Die: Hollywood or Bust #4, Chapterhouse. Another issue from Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz already? Cool!

Betty & Veronica: Vixens #1, Archie. Taking a page from DC — see Bombshells and Gotham City Garage — Archie is recasting Riverdale’s best frenemies as biker chicks. I dig it. By Jamie L. Rotante and Eva Cabrera.

Weird Love #21, Yoe Comics/IDW. All they have to do is release and issue and it’ll make HOT PICKS! Seriously, that’s all.

Classics Illustrated #71: The Man Who Laughs, Classics Illustrated. You do know that Conrad Veidt’s screen portrayal helped inspire the Joker, right? Well, then this is sort of a Batman tie-in! Right? Right?

Author: Dan Greenfield

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