Hey, Look! MORE New DC Corner Box Designs

Another set for you to peruse…

The other day, we posted a bunch of DC’s new corner boxes that are debuting 12/6. The response was, shall we say, strong.

Here’s a glimpse, but click here to see them in full form:

Comics fans really have a sense of ownership about this sort of thing and based on what I’ve seen online, the vast majority of readers are digging these as much as I do.

And you know what’s cool? We’ve got more to show off.

Check these out:

Now there are some interesting developments here:

— The two digital-first titles get boxes similar to the main DC Universe titles — but the words are adjusted to say DC Comics. This makes the two lines distinct — yet the publisher wants to appeal to the same audience.

— Nightwing gets the Batman family emblem, naturally. Injustice 2, however, also gets a Batman logo, though it’s different. I suspect this will rotate each issue.

— I really like the snowflake on the Holiday Special. Here it is close up:

UPDATED: Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight project still just gets a DC bullet. Same with this week’s Deadman #2. Another limited series, Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands, meanwhile, gets a DCU box with a notation that it’s a miniseries. That suggests to me that non-canonical stories just get the bullet. (The Hanna-Barbera books also still just get a bullet; the Harley/Ivy/Betty/Veronica book still gets a bullet and an Archie logo.)

So that does it for the 12/6 books. More to come for 12/13…


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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