Here come the HENCHMEN

EXCLUSIVE: Who henches the Henchmen? Well, the Adventure People people, of course …

First, there was the announcement that Action Jackson, Jet Jungle and Captains Action and Evil were headed your way via ZICA Toys’ Kickstarter for its new Adventure People line …



Then, there was the announcement that there would be two alt-color Captains Action available to sweeten the deal …


Now, we bring you that figure necessary to deepen any action-figure experience … the HENCHMAN! Specifically, Captain Evil’s Henchman …


Seriously, I LOVE henchmen figures.

See, I’m of a mind that any good action-figure line has to have not only your requisite protagonist and sidekick (if applicable) but also civilian aides-de-camp, secret identities, arch foes — and those helper monkeys that do said arch foes’ bidding. This last one is the rarest — but there’s nothing like having a small army for your hero to brawl with.

Anyway, ZICA’s got you covered in its Kickstarter campaign: A ninja-looking, kinda-sorta, swingin’ ’60s, evildoer-type that reminds me of European antihero Diabolik. Now if this gets you rubbing your hands together with dreams of world domination, check out the campaign here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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