HELLBOY Beer Will Fire Up Your Memorial Day Cookout

REVIEW: Our noted boozeologist quaffs a couple worthy of the Right Hand of Doom…

Gigantic Brewing Co.

Memorial Day is Monday — better start planning your barbecue, right? Right.

And guess what: You’ve come to the right place! Our resident beer maven, Eric Lenkowitz, is here with a quickie review of the alcoholic libations that should be at the top of your shopping list — two offerings from Gigantic Brewing Company’s Hellboy series of beers.

Gigantic began brewing the Hellboy line earlier this year and will continue to offer variations as 2019 — the big, red fella’s 25th anniversary year — rolls on. (Click here for more info on how to get your paws on these bodacious bottles featuring the art of Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.)

So read on — and get ready to wet your whistle. — Dan


Hellboy Maple Syrup Pancakes Beer

Crack this open for a brew that is everything Hellboy isn’t — sweet and smooth.

The aromas are exactly as advertised upon arrival in the glass: natural Vermont maple syrup sitting atop a stack of hotcakes with butter melting throughout.

That succulent combo wanes a bit in the mouth, as it morphs into a more standard porter with some sweeter-than-usual qualities — but nothing too overwhelming to crack open a second one.

Billed as a breakfast beer, it drinks far better after the meal on its own.

Liz Sherman Chocolate Mole Fire Stout

This beer is a sneak attack on the senses.

Poured into a Belgian beer glass to release its full fury, the aromas of coffee, chocolate and a little caramel emerge innocently enough.

But nothing about that combo prepares you for what comes next.

The first sip washes over the palate like a jalapeno flamethrower, leaving your mouth ablaze — but in a good way. The tingling sensation lingers as the liquid cranks up the temperature in your gullet and beyond.

A satisfying drink on its own or a fine pairing with something cheesy and carby — think quesadillas — but with no added spice! Maybe a dollop of sour cream to put out the flames.

This seems like just the brew to light Hellboy’s fire.


— Get Boozy With HELLBOY’s New Flask Set. Click here.

VIDEO SPECIAL: Mignola Talks HELLBOY, Painting and Creativity. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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