GOTHAM TRIBUNE: From the Batcomputer

Normally, I have some sort of fancy Batfeature or interview at the top of the GOTHAM TRIBUNE column, while at the bottom, I throw in my three cents on which Batbooks are looking interesting that week. Today, I’m doing it a little differently.

Earlier, I ran a special NEAL ADAM INTERVIEWS segment on Jon B. Cooke’s discussion with the famed artist about his much-maligned project “Batman: Odyssey.”

So why compete with that awesomeness?

Instead, I’ll go right to this week’s highlights.

From the Batcomputer: Well, of course Batman #26 comes out tomorrow and that’s the default highlight of the week, what with Zero Year at full speed.



But there’s also a whole lotta Nightwing going on, with #26 also out and, perhaps even more importantly, Justice League #25, which promises to advance all this “What’s gonna happen to Dick Grayson?” speculation. (By the way, didja catch our two-part interview with Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins?)



Batgirl #26 also comes out, and with it the conclusion of the “Batgirl: Wanted” storyline. I just wish I could muster any enthusiasm. That’s been a tough book for me to like from the get-go.



As far as the offshoots go, there’s the latest printed issue of L’il Gotham #9, with a Dustin Nguyen riff on an old Batman cover trope …



… aaaand, there’s this bit of Amanda Conner loveliness on the cover of the surprisingly consistently strong Batman Black and White #4.



Oh, and let’s not forget: Justice League 3000 #1 comes out. Just who is that Batman of the future?


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I agree about Batgirl…the series has been somewhat plagued this year by two short stops, for Villains’ Month and then Zero Year, but even besides that this “not really Batgirl” arc has been going on for too long. I find this to be one of Gail Simone’s (very few) flaws, she tends to go on for long stretches without any resolutions (see The Movement for more information.) Zero Year I am loving and can’t wait for the next issue!

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    • I’m actually fairly pro-New 52. I think it was a gutsy move and while it hasn’t been smooth, a lot of good has come of it. But this Batgirl is just off. The core of the character has always been that’s she’s super-equipped for the job and that she’s sometimes even half a step ahead of Batman. This Batgirl is just too angsty. It just doesn’t feel right. I would love a Palmiotti-Conner shot at this title. And I’m a Simone fan.

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