GEORGE PEREZ: A Celebration

A salute to one of comics’ all-time greats…

There is nothing positive about George Perez’s terminal cancer diagnosis. But at the very least, fans have been able to tell the ground-breaking artist just how much he’s meant to them during his lifetime. Marvel has already published a tribute in its comics…

… and DC is planning theirs for June, timed to Perez’s birthday:

I’ve decided to do the same and here’s why: A few years back, George Perez told me in preparation for an East Coast Comicon panel that he was flattered by Anthony Durso’s countdown GEORGE PEREZ’s TOP 13 Comics Series – RANKED. I was taken completely off guard that he had even seen it, let alone read it, but was overjoyed when he agreed to comment on each of those projects, forming the backbone of the 13-part THE GEORGE PEREZ INTERVIEWS.

George Perez is ailing. His family and network of friends have been posting occasional updates on his health. So I’ve decided now is the time to post three new tributes to an artist who gave us all so much during his nearly 50-year career: to celebrate the living while they are still alive.

You can find the links below, as well as links to THE GEORGE PEREZ INTERVIEWS and GEORGE PEREZ’s TOP 13 COMICS SERIES — RANKED.

Thank you, George, for everything and more.


— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite GEORGE PEREZ Crowd Scenes. Click here.

— The TOP 13 Characters Drawn by GEORGE PEREZ. Click here.

— The TOP 13 GEORGE PEREZ Costume Designs. Click here.

— The GEORGE PEREZ INTERVIEWS: The Master in His Own Words. Click here.

— GEORGE PEREZ’s TOP 13 Comics Series – RANKED. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Thank you for doing this.

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    • Agreed. Thank you so much.

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  2. George Perez definitely deserves to be celebrated, so thank you for doing your part in honoring him.

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    • The best artist to ever pick up a pencil my favorite artist of all time

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