Funko Batman and Robin Take Flight in the 1966 BATCOPTER

“Batmobile to airport: Red alert! Prepare Batcopter for immediate takeoff!”

Check out the FUNKO BATMAN ’66 INDEX of stories and features. Click here!

One of my recent obsessions has been Funko’s line of Batman ’66 3.75-inch action figures, which are just out now.

There’s been a Batmobile, Batman and Robin, and a healthy chunk of the supporting cast, including Batgirl, Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. You can read all about them — including news and reviews — over here.

Cool? Cool.

Now yesterday, I made my way over the State Fair Meadowlands in northern New Jersey, where the original Batcopter — yes, the one that appeared in the 1966 movie and subsequent seasons of the show — is in residence for a couple weeks, taking customers into the air for what I can tell you are mind-blowing, thrilling rides. (Click here for more info, including whether it’ll be visiting your neck of the woods this summer and fall.)

This was my second time in the air with serial no. N3079G and Capt. Eugene Nock, but this time I brought along a couple friends: Funko Batman and Robin.

It just seemed fitting considering how many real-life Batfolk have been in the Batcopter over the years — including Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar.

Besides, wouldn’t it be groovy if Funko produced a scale version of the Batcopter? Pretty groovy, I’d say.

Inside the cockpit

Check out the autographs on the control panel.


In the air!

Captain Nock at the controls.

The real-life Gotham skyline.

Back into action, Robin!

Plaque in the front of the cockpit.

Check out the FUNKO BATMAN ’66 INDEX of stories and features. Click here!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I love the Batcopter. I just wish he’d change the logo on the gas tanks to the correct one.

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  2. I second the first comment. Also bring back the Batwings! I know its a pain to travel with for shows. But still…..

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    • The wings make it difficult to navigate in the air. It’s one thing for stunt pilots in a movie or TV show and a whole other thing to fly with average people at a fair or air show. In my book, the safety of human beings supersedes aesthetics. Any day of the year.

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  3. Hi. What’s the best display stand for these figures ?

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