FINALLY! BATMAN Gets His Dark Trunks Back

This is a big deal to those of us who are interested in such things…

It had to happen, right?

Superman just got his red trunks back and now his World’s Finest ally is going back to basics.

DC tweeted out these images by Lee Weeks and Tony Daniel, respectively, from San Diego Comic-Con — calling out Batman’s “brand-new suit inspired by his classic costume”:

And the pouches are back too! (Both have been pretty much absent since the New 52 launched in 2011.)

Daniel’s image is the cover of September’s Batman #55, so that looks like when the outfit will debut.

Anyway, never once did I warm to the trunkless look, so this is good news.

From a design standpoint, the trunks have always worked, regardless if they’re old-fashioned. What looks good, looks good.

Of course, who knows how long this outfit will last. Batman has a different costume — trunkless but with the yellow oval — in Doomsday Clock, which is set ahead of the current doings of the DCU.

Whatever. I’ll enjoy it as long as I can.


— SUPERMAN Gets His Red Trunks Back in ACTION COMICS #1000. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Looks like both Batman AND Superman are enjoying having their trunks back in their super-suits.

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  2. Glad the trunks are back. Never liked the pouches in the belt though. Looked clunky and a bit too para-military. I preferred the streamlined capsules of old.

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  3. So…he just went back to his look post-No Man’s Land through pre New-52?

    Works for me! The armored look works in the films (within reason) but in comics, it just looks clunky.

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