TOYHEM! And they’re up for preorder! Bat-Mite included!

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McFarlane Toys on Tuesday unveiled its long awaited line of 1977 Filmation New Adventures of Batman figures — an offshoot of its Batman Classic TV Series line. Not just that, they’re already up for pre-order.

And by the looks of them, they’ve exceeded my expectations, and probably yours.

Here’s the full range:

There are galleries and ordering info at McFarlane’s site. The figs are $17.99 but there’s a bundle of all six that you can purchase, as well. (Bat-Mite comes with Commissioner Gordon.)

A few thoughts:

— These are basically Batman ’66 repaints with new head sculpts and other tweaks, but generally, they work — especially Robin, the Joker, Batgirl and Gordon.

— Interestingly, Batman is the weakest of the six. The head sculpt is solid, if a little angry, but the rest is Adam West’s body, with Batman ’66 logo and belt. I can forgive the body, but I do believe the logo and belt should have been revamped to match the cartoon.

— Bat-Mite! I had no idea! I hate this version of the character but it is fun. Quibble time: I would have preferred the cartoon’s Penguin to the pink ’77 Riddler. I get the latter’s appeal but he was only in the credits and the Penguin in that blue outfit would be groovy.

— With the exception of Gordon and Riddler (and Bat-Mite), these work just as well as ’68 The Adventures of Batman Filmation figures. You just need a yellow-on-black decal over Robin’s logo. Or maybe you don’t considering how often the animators messed that up!


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. First, I’m absolutely digging this! Sure, they should have retooled Batman’s Utility Belt and redone his chest symbol but overall these are Batastic! We now have live action and cartoons in the same line. Here’s hoping for Lynda Carter and John Wesley Shipp joining the gang!

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  2. Nice surprise! I would’ve preferred if the line were based specifically on the original 1968 versions, but these come quite close. Will McFarlane expand and dip into 1968 variants? An animated Batmobile? Perhaps expand the DC/Filmation silver age universe and pull from the 1966 Superman series (that also had Superboy) and the 1967 Aquaman series (that also had the Justice League and Teen Titans)? Here’s hoping!

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  3. I’m with everyone else that the Batman is kind of disappointing given the use of the ’66 body. Rest of them look pretty good.

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  4. Love these, pink Riddler is cool, and Batmite looks awesome! I hope they do a wave-2 with Catwoman, Clayface, Zarbor (and Chug!), Penguin, Moonman, and SweetTooth

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  5. Penguin should be here. It’s a shame. I also want Catwoman. I hope they are made in the next wave. I agree about Batman’s belt. I wonder if they’ll be chase figures of Robin and Riddler in the ‘68 colors?

    Hey, look at Gordon, easily his body can be reused for series Alfred, series jacket and hat Riddler and comic Gordon. I feel stronger than ever these figures are coming.

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  6. These are nice. They did a great job on them.

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  7. I agree with those who suggested Catwoman, Penguin and Moonman figures. I guess we won’t see an Electro figure for obvious reasons, though I loved his design.

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  8. They look great, but I wish The Riddler had a sneering mouth sculpt since he talked out of side of his mouth constantly.

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