Fabulous MARSHALL ROGERS BATMAN Original Comic Strip Art Up for Auction

Look at that big Batsignal…

Moseying around the information superhighway (remember that moldy, ol’ term?) often leads me to groovy pieces of art or nifty auctions that might be going on under your nose.

In this case, it’s both: The original art for a beautiful Marshall Rogers daily 1989 Batman strip is due to be sold by Heritage Auctions in April.

Check this baby out:

Here’s the description at HA.com:

Marshall Rogers Batman Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 11-25-89 (Creators Syndicate, 1989). Batman and Commissioner Gordon begin to develop trust in this dynamic strip. Ink and Zipatone over graphite on DC Bristol board tier with an image area of 12″ x 3.5″. Toning, paste-ups, creasing/folding, glue residue staining, editorial notes, smudging, and handling wear. Signed by Rogers in lower margin. In Very Good condition.

A few thoughts:

— Bidding starts March 18 and is due to end the weekend of April 7-10, 2022.

— This just reminds me of how much DC — or somebody — needs to reprint this comic-strip series, which was launched in the wake of the smash success of the 1989 Batman movie. It was written by Max Allan Collins. (William Messner-Loebs and Carmine Infantino took things from there, through the strip’s end in 1991.)

— The auction site didn’t note an estimate, though I do know this: I will not be able to afford it. But, dang, is it Bat-purty.


— MARSHALL ROGERS’ BATMAN Strip Needs to Be Reprinted. Click here.

— Dig This Fabulous Original MARSHALL ROGERS BATMAN Art. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I was a guest at a show in New York back then and Marshall was seated right next to me. He was selling these original comic strips for $50/ea. Amazing how the value of original art has sky rocketed.

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  2. Loved Rogers’ Batwork. The Batsmile in that last panel is such a great touch. And yes, that whole strip needs reprinting. Really liked Messner-Loebs’ and Infantino’s take on Harvey Dent / Two-Face. As the strip came to a conclusion, the Two-Face story came to a resolution unique to this series.

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