EXCLUSIVE! Week 2 — MIKE ALLRED’S Variant Cover Commentary

The superstar artist enters the 13th Dimension for the month of May (and beyond!) to offer EXCLUSIVE commentary on every one of his BATMAN ’66-themed variant covers for DC.

Miss the first week? Shame on you! But you can catch up here!

These are the Allred BATMAN ’66 variants out this week! And here’s what Mike has to say!


ACTION COMICS #31. I wanted to tie Superman into the world of the Batman TV show. Ripping the door off of a vault seemed a nice way to show his easy strength and introduce Superman to Batman’s key rivals.

BATGIRL #31. Man, I LOVE Batgirl!  I’d love to do a whole book someday. I had several childhood crushes, and Batgirl (along with Catwoman, Gwen Stacy, Medusa, etc.) was one of them. Here I wanted all the focus to be on her. So, I framed her with recognizable silhouettes of villains.


GREEN LANTERN CORPS #31. With each cover my first thought was how I could possibly tie it into the world or spirit of the Batman TV Show. This playful image came to mind where we see the classic shot of Batman and Robin climbing a building with a rope, and their efforts to make it to the top of a building are blown away by the Corps.


SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #8. In my mind, when all is said and done, I’d like to see Batman and Catwoman end up together (those kids can work it all out). And I feel the same way about Superman and Wonder Woman (apologies to “Team Lois”). I just wanted to create a simple image that showed a kicky spark. Of all the covers, surprisingly, this is the one I’ve received the most varied reaction from.

Author: 13th Dimension

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  1. Fuck yeah to Superman ripping the safe door off and ready to confront Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman!

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