EXCLUSIVE: MIKE ALLRED’S Variant Cover Commentary

The superstar artist enters the 13th Dimension for the month of May (and beyond!) to offer EXCLUSIVE commentary on every one of his BATMAN ’66-themed variant covers for DC.

These are the Allred BATMAN ’66 variants out this week! And here’s what Mike has to say!


Detective Comics #31. There’s always been a slinky sexy connection between Adam West and Julie Newmar. Here I wanted to make that “distant connection” with them close but far from each other. I wanted to add a gothic touch with the architecture, rarely, if ever, seen in the TV show.


Earth 2 #23. My big brother, Lee, has always been a huge fan of the Justice Society. And younger brothers always want to be like their big brothers, so I love ’em too. I wanted to jam as many of them as I could in the cover, and I wanted an image that represented a literal “other Earth.”  From there it all fell together with the planets creating an eye with the bat signal “reflected” in the eye.

(NOTE from Dan: This cover is also reminiscent of Justice League of America #47 from 1966. The story prominently features the Spectre trying to keep Earths 1 and 2 from colliding, but hey, it was the height of Batmania, so guess who gets to play the cosmic hero on the cover … )




Green Lantern #31. One of my very best friends, Brian Huberd, who does all of our tech stuff, is the world’s biggest Green Lantern fan. The pressure was on with this one. I wanted to put Hal front and center as iconic as possible. Brian Loved it! And it’s now one of my personal favorites too.

(NOTE from Dan: Nice to see the Bat-spaceship out of mothballs!)

1950. Also featured the first Deadshot story!

1950. Also featured the first Deadshot story!

NEXT WEEK: Action Comics, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, Superman/Wonder Woman!

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