EXCLUSIVE! Under the C.O.W.L. with KYLE HIGGINS and Co.

New feature! An exclusive monthly dossier on the characters from one of the year’s most anticipated Image Comics titles: C.O.W.L. Plus! EXCLUSIVE Rod Reis art!


C.O.W.L. is one of the smartest-sounding books coming out of Image Comics this year — the saga of the world’s first superhero labor union, set in 1960s Chicago. When I first heard about it, I thought to myself. “Great idea. I can’t believe nobody’s thought of it before.”

It’s the brainchild of Kyle Higgins, best known from his work on Nightwing, and co-writer Alec Siegel. Issue #1 launches May 28 and every month, we’ll be bringing you Under the C.O.W.L., featuring dossiers on every major character in the series that will later be printed in the issues themselves.

And for the first installment, we have a bonus — gorgeous interior art by Higgins and Siegel’s partner in Mad Men-esque heroics, Rod Reis.



And, as promised, here are some wonderfully atmospheric interior pages by Reis:






Author: Dan Greenfield

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