The penultimate issue is out 2/1. From Andreyko, Lopresti, Buchemi, Livesay, Blond — and DC.

I don’t usually give a spiel on a preview but this is one of those titles that really emblemizes why DC Rebirth is so successful: It scratches those old-school itches while being fresh at the same time. It’s entertaining and, despite the title, fun.

Hawkman is one of those characters — like the Atom — who should always be active. As regular 13th Dimension readers know, I’m a sucker for those who were front and center in the Silver and Bronze Ages so I’m just pleased that this exists.*

I also don’t take the title that seriously. Because in comics, death usually leads to … Rebirth.

*Hey, Adam Strange has his old costume back! (Or at least a new version of his old uniform. Either way, I’ll take it.)

Author: Dan Greenfield

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