EXCLUSIVE Preview — Craig Yoe Presents FICTION HOUSE

IDW again plumbs the depths of the pulps…

Last month, IDW published The Art of the Pulps, a look at the genre that greatly influenced the Golden Age of comics. (Click here for an INSIDE LOOK.)

This week, it’s more pulp friction with Craig Yoe Presents Fiction House: From Pulps to Panels, From Jungles to Space, from Yoe Books, an IDW imprint.

Between Weird Love and Haunted Horror and many, many other projects, Yoe’s proved himself to be an indispensable resource: Nobody loves the seamy underbelly of comics like he does — and we love him for it.

Fiction House delighted in the prurient and this 300-page hardcover includes not just essays that tell the publisher’s history, but complete stories from its “Big Six” titles — Jumbo Comics, Wings Comics, Fight Comics, Planet Comics, Jungle Comics and Ranger Comics.

The book was written by Mitch Maglio, with an introduction by Roy Thomas and a foreword by Hames Ware. There’s also a bonus section: The Art of Joseph Doolin.

The 300-page hardcover lists for $49.99 and is out 11/8.

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW, including a snippet of a story starring Fiction House’s best-known contribution to comics, Sheena — Queen of the Jungle, scripted by none other than Will Eisner, with art by Matt Baker:



Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Matt Baker is one of the great Golden Age artists. I’m hoping that it will feature an ample amount of his art. It should be mentioned that, in the comic collecting world, Fiction House is known for one thing in particular: bondage covers.

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