EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: The SUPERMAN Art Unseen In More Than 60 Years

And you thought the Silver Age was wacky …

Superman: The Atomic Age Sundays Vol. 1: 1949-53 is the latest in IDW‘s fantastic foray into the forgotten world of superhero comic strips. This volume features strips that have never been reprinted until now — written by Alvin Schwartz and with art by legendary Superman artist Wayne Boring — and have mostly been seen only by collectors and historians. In short, this is the first time they’ll be available to a wide audience in decades. The oversize hardcover is out 7/15 and has a list price of $49.99 for 180 full-color pages.

The stories are happily bizarre, with Superman encountering wizards and monsters and time travel. Great Caesar’s ghost!

Cover by Pete Poplaski

Cover by Pete Poplaski







Author: Dan Greenfield

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