EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Herb Trimpe’s HULK Artist’s Edition

The late denizen of the Marvel Bullpen’s work is being celebrated in this IDW edition.


Getting an Artist’s Edition is like a special award. If you’re getting the treatment, it means you’ve left a stamp on comics.

Sadly, Herb Trimpe, who died earlier this year, didn’t get to see this published, but the rest of us get to enjoy the fruits of his labor, bittersweet as that is.

Herb Trimpe’s The Incredible Hulk Artist’s Edition is due out later this year and we’re especially proud to present you with the FIRST LOOK at the oversized album — 12 full pages of classic artwork.

Herb Trimpe and his lovely wife, Patricia Vasquez-Trimpe, at his final public appearance at the East Coast Comicon in April.

Herb Trimpe and his lovely wife, Patricia Vasquez-Trimpe, at our East Coast Comicon in April, his final public appearance.

This, by the way, is the second installment of our ongoing look at IDW’s archives series, including the Artist’s Editions and imprints like Yoe Books and the Library of American Comics.

In our first part, I talked with IDW prez Greg Goldstein about the Artist’s Editions, with a special eye on what’s to come in the series. If you haven’t read it yet, click here.

And if you didn’t catch our piece earlier this year on comics vets’ reminiscences of Herb Trimpe and his work, click here. For an appreciation by former Marvel editor Jim Salicrup, click here.

Trimpe Hulk AE pgs1

Trimpe Hulk AE pgs 1A

Trimpe Hulk AE pgs2

Trimpe Hulk AE pgs 2A

Trimpe Hulk AE pgs3

Trimpe Hulk AE pgs3A

Trimpe Hulk AE pgs4

Trimpe Hulk AE pgs 4A

Trimpe Hulk AE sample pages5

Trimpe Hulk AE sample pages5A

Trimpe Hulk AE sample pages6

Trimpe Hulk AE sample pages 6A


Author: Dan Greenfield

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