DREW STRUZAN’s Lovely SUPERMAN ’78 Painting Should Be a Variant Cover

Another great piece of Superart by another great artist…

The other day, we posted a Superman: The Movie painting by Jerry Ordway from 1979 that would make a great variant cover for DC’s upcoming Superman ’78 comics series. Click here to check it out because it’s really terrific.

Anyway, in the wake of Richard Donner’s death this month, movie-poster artist extraordinaire Drew Struzan tweeted out this image of Christopher Reeve’s Man of Steel, with the line “#RichardDonner made us believe a man could fly.”:

As soon as I saw it, I had the same reaction I did when I saw Ordway’s piece: “Boy, that would make a GREAT variant cover.”

These things are not simple, I get that. There are rights and negotiations and all sorts of real-life issues that get in the way. But purely from a fantasy standpoint, I would pay good money for a Superman ’78 issue with this on the front.

Wouldn’t you?

Superman ’78 #1 debuts Aug. 24.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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