JERRY ORDWAY’s Glorious SUPERMAN ’78 Painting Should Be a Variant Cover

A lovely homage that would make a lovely collectible…

Over the weekend, artist Jerry Ordway posted on Twitter a beautiful tribute to Superman: The Movie that he painted back in 1979.

Check this out:

I had to search for this Superman painting, as I wanted to tweet it in honor of the passings of both Ned Beatty and recently, Richard Donner. Done in the late 1970’s,” Ordway wrote.

As you might imagine, the image struck a nerve with fans. And that got me to thinking what a wonderful variant cover it would make for DC’s upcoming Superman ’78 comic book, by Robert Venditti, Wilfredo Torres and co. that debuts Aug. 24. I mean it’s only fitting, given that Ordway has produced a new variant cover for Batman ’89 #1, which you can see here.

Ordway’s Superman piece is horizontal, so perhaps a wraparound would be in order. (And there may be some likeness-rights issues to contend with.) Nevertheless, I would love to see this available widely and, I’m guessing, so would you.

By the way, check out these two other Superman: The Movie pieces Ordway also tweeted recently — either of which could be repurposed into variants:

One can dream, right?


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I would LOVE to see these get used. I saw those first two in a magazine interview with Ordway years ago. Wizard, maybe? I’m not sure. But I drooled over them then, and now we have a comic they could be used for. Get on it, DC!!!

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  2. It would certainly be a dream come true to see that painting as a variant cover for the upcoming “Superman ’78” comic.

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  3. Instead of being a variant, it should be the wrap around cover of a the eventual collection.

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  4. How about getting him to do a new version?

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