Dig This Rare SUPERMAN Art Unseen For More Than 50 Years

EXCLUSIVE: A flight of fancy back to the Silver Age…

Fans are so accustomed to getting their superheroes through today’s standard channels — comics, TV, movies, videogames — that they often forget the once-thriving medium of newspaper comic strips.

Superman, for example, was once such a mainstay of newspaper pages that his followers could for decades get daily and Sunday fixes of DC’s Man of Steel.

These days, devotees of the strips — or just plain folks who appreciate such alternate takes on Supes — can turn to IDW and the Library of American Comics to see what the fuss was all about, with collections starring not only Krypton’s Last Son but A-Listers like Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man

The latest in these collections, The Silver Age Superman Sundays Vol. 2: 1963-1966, is out Nov. 20 and features the final years of the Man of Tomorrow’s Sunday adventures — including a battle with Space Hitler — which were written by Jerry Siegel and illustrated by Wayne Boring. In color, natch.

The strips were typically adaptations of the comic books of the day themselves and there’s an opening essay by Supermaven Mark Waid that guides you through which stories provided the source material for each adventure.

So, dig these 13 PAGES, which haven’t been published in any widespread fashion since they first appeared in the mid-’60s.

And check out the links below for similar looks at previous editions:



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Just to think that Batman stories from 1950-60’s were wonky but these Superman stories were more like sci-go/out of the world wonkier.

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    • Philip, I agree with you. Same thing with my Sir Dick Sprang Batman.

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