Dig This Groovy New Bronze Age BATMAN Statue

A classic look for your shelf…

There are probably 15 batzillion Batman statues out there from various companies. I mean, seriously, you could probably fill a museum just with Batman (and family) sculptures, big and small.

But every once in a while I’ll see one that hits that lovely Bronze Age sweet spot.

Dig this piece coming soon from Diamond Select — along with the official description:


A Diamond Select Toys release! Batman has had many looks over the years, but you can’t beat the classics! This new Gallery Diorama shows Batman with a light blue cowl and a yellow-encircled Bat-logo, preparing to hurl a batarang. Measuring approximately 7 inches tall, this 1/8 scale sculpture is made of high-quality PVC and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. It was designed by Shawn Knapp and sculpted by Jean St. Jean, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Formerly a GameStop exclusive.

A few thoughts:

— While the figure doesn’t emulate a specific artist, I can see shades of Neal Adams, Jim Aparo and Marshall Rogers in this one — which is pretty much what you want for a generic Bronze Age Batman sculpt.

— The list price is $49.99, according to the Diamond website. But, y’know, check with your shop.

— The statue is due to be released Aug. 26, but as always these days, that’s subject to change, so keep your Batears open.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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