Dig This Amazing Sculpture of Eartha Kitt’s CATWOMAN

A birthday salute to the seductive feline fatale — who would have been 92…

In case you missed it during our just-wrapped BATMAN ’66 WEEK, I posted a feature the other day on superfan/artist Greg Maraio and his team’s work creating life-size sculptures of the show’s cast. (Click here. You’ll want to.)

Here’s a quick example — Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl dressed in an authentic screen-used outfit that’s part of the so-called Alfred Collection. (Click here for much more on all that.)

All photos courtesy of Greg Maraio

Well, as they used to say on late-night TV ads, “But wait there’s more!”

Greg and his crew — Marc Spess, David Costa and Daniele Tirinnanzi — have also created a life-size figure of Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman for a different project:

And since it’s the anniversary of the late Ms. Kitt’s birth — she was born Jan. 17, 1927 — it seemed like a good time to show off a series of pix that detail the creation of this mesmerizing mannequin.

Dig it:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The hits just keep on comin.’ Stellar.

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  2. I like that sculpture. It captures the late Eartha Kitt’s likeness perfectly.

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