Dig These Groovy MARVEL SILVER/BRONZE AGE Tribute Variant Covers by MICHAEL CHO

Coming this March…

We’re big fans of artist Michael Cho around here, so it only goes to follow that we’d want to highlight a run of 10 special, two-tone variant covers he’s doing for Marvel come March.

Cho did a similar run back in 2016 — and you can click here to check those out.

Meanwhile, dig these salutes to the Silver and Bronze Ages, which are all marked with the appropriate issue number…


— EXCLUSIVE! Michael Cho’s MARVEL Cover Commentary. Click here.

— MICHAEL CHO’S Marvel Cover Commentary: WEEK 2. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Amazing! Takes me back to my childhood!!

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  2. Michael Cho’s art appears to be in the same vein of excellence and style as Bruce Timm, Steve Rude and Darwyn Cooke – all masters of comic art.

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  3. Cho has definitely inherited the mantle of Darwyn Cooke for doing stylized, retro, individualistic riffs on the silver age. Part of me kinda wishes that Marvel would hire him to do a Marvel version of The New Frontier for their characters, synthesizing the origin of The Avengers into one, unified, coherent, interconnected, novelistic story. One can wish.

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