Dig These 13 TEASES From DC’s Upcoming BATMAN ’89 Series

That Joe Quinones sure can draw!

DC’s Batman ’89 comics miniseries by Sam Hamm, Joe Quinones and Leonardo Ito is almost here — it debuts Tuesday, Aug. 10!

Now, we’ve already done a Bat-ton of coverage since this series was announced but with the Big Day so close, we took a dive through Quinones’ vibrant Twitter feed and picked out a bunch of images from the last month or so that tease what might be coming. There are completed panels from Issue #1 and sketches — some may just be warm-ups — and time will tell how it all fits together.

So dig these 13 TEASES — some you may have seen, some you probably haven’t — and make sure you click here to check out Issue #1’s official preview, featuring four pages from the book!





— Finally! Dig this FIRST INSIDE LOOK at BATMAN ’89 #1. Click here.

— The SUPERMAN ’78/BATMAN ’89 Comic Book Index. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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