Ominous Press turns 25 with a celebratory art book…

Ominous Press — the independent comics publisher founded by Bart Sears — is celebrating 25 years with a hardcover retrospective highlighting some of the label’s big, bombastic art by the likes of Jim Starlin, Jerry Ordway, Rick Leonardi, Aaron Lopresti, Sears himself and many others.

The Art of Ominous Press is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and you can click here to check it out. The campaign has already met its base funding goal but obviously there’s the requisite run of bonus deals, so if you’re a fan of bold, bright comics, this is for you for sure.

Preliminary cover art by Bart Sears and Andy Smith

The hardcover will run 300 pages, celebrating popular titles such as Dread Gods, Demi-God and Giantkillers. Included are covers, interior pages, rare sketches and previously unpublished material.

Among the never-before-seen art will be illustrations of Ominous characters by an array of big-time creators — and we’ve got 13 to show off to you, most of which are being revealed for the first time.

Dig this:

Arra, by Aaron Lopresti

Arkon the Giant Killer, by Bart Sears

Demi-God, by Andy Smith

Snake and Moon, by Jeff Johnson

Hydros, by Nelson Blake 2nd

Jaesyn, by Laura Braga

White Pheros, by Jim Starlin

Pheros, by Mike McKone

Dramaurg, by Phil Hester

Thraces, by Rachael Stott

Intrepid, by Rick Leonardi

Saint Pyrs, by Joe Phillips

Sunder, by Jerry Ordway

For more info on The Art of Ominous Press’ Indiegogo campaign, click here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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