How many of these did you have?

Hey, remember back in the fall when we posted 13 SUPERHERO ACTIVITY BOOK COVERS? We were inspired by an activity book Kickstarter featuring King of Retro Cool Mike Allred’s Madman.

Well, guess what: Mike and his artistic collaborator and wife Laura have another groovy Kickstarter going — this time for a Madmaniverse lunch box and “lunchtime digest” for mealtime reading.

It’s being overseen by Allred pal Christopher Irving and you can click here to check out all the neato details.

Anyway, seeing this got my, ahem, old-school juices flowing, so here are 13 GROOVY VINTAGE LUNCH BOXES from the ’50s into the ’80s. All but one feature the images from both sides of the box; for the last one I could only find one angle — but believe me, it’s worth it. (Many of these can be found at Heritage Auctions’ website.)

Dig it — and dig in:

For more on the Madmaniverse lunch box Kickstarter, click here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I actually owned the Batman one for school use., WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back. Guess I really am an old guy who loves comics

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  2. I was a 1960s kid and everyone had one of these type of lunchboxes. I had a GI Joe lunchbox. My all time favorite lunchbox is “Lost in Space” – gorgeous graphics. I have a reproduction – an original is too costly!

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  3. A great selection! I love the art on these lunch boxes. I still have my childhood Super Friends, Super Powes and MOTU boxes. Since becoming an adult collector I’ve picked up Superman The Movie, Spider-Man/Hulk/Captain America and the solo Hulk box. I recently got The Legend of the Lone Ranger box, which is gorgous. I would love to own the Marvel and Secret Wars ones seen here. The grail is the 66 Batman box, but I doubt I could ever afford it!

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    • I got the Batman one for a relative song. Right place, right time kind of thing. No Thermos, but that doesn’t matter to me.

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  4. I had a Marvel Super Heroes lunch box that was released after the one shown. Lost it in the move to Florida in 1983. One day I will have another one like it.

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