It’s 7/11 — so freeze that brain!

Hey, it’s July 11, which means it’s 7/11, which is traditionally when you can go into a 7-Eleven and get yourself a free Slurpee. Sadly, it’s been cancelled again for the general public this year because of the pandemic. (I still plan on buying one for my own bad self.)

Anyway, around these parts, it’s not just the Slurpees themselves that interest us — though they very much do — it’s the 1970s DC and Marvel Slurpee cups that get us all cool and bothered.

This year, rather than highlight a specific set of cups like a certain Batman collection, I scanned the web and found 13 images jammed full of stacks and rows of the plastic premiums.

It’s a veritable rainbow of superherodom from eBay, comics shops, Pinterest and other such places.

Dig these:

From the ’80s but they count!


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I want all of them! I wish I had bought more as a kid and just put them in a carefully packed, sealed box. ; )

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  2. I had no idea there were Slurpee cups from Superman IV. Now I need those for my Chris Reeve/Superman shelf…despite the movie. 😉

    I’m always a bit wistful when I see all of these Slurpee cups. We have NEVER had 7/11 stores in my area. I don’t think we even have one in this state. It’s this huge pop culture phenom that might as well be from another planet. I rarely see them in antique malls, flea markets, etc.

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  3. Man, those are awesome! Every single one of them!

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  4. As a 11- or 12-year-old, if I couldn’t get my mom to drive me by the one 7-11 in town, I would have to ride my single speed bicycle 7.5 miles one way up over the Poseyville bridge to get myself a superhero cup. It was worth the effort. I don’t remember if I was ever able to buy more than one at a time.

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