Dig These 13 Groovy FILMATION SUPERHERO Original Animation Cels

A gallery of color…

OK, so in case you missed it, I royally screwed up when I reported in December that Aquaman and the “super superhero” shorts would be leaving HBO Max at the end of 2022. So earlier this week, I posted our first correction in more than nine years of 13th Dimension — the cartoons are still leaving, but not until the end of January.

But enough with the self-flagellation and hair shirts. To make amends — and help you get through the lean times when those gorgeously remastered shorts are in limbo — here are 13 GROOVY FILMATION SUPERHERO ORIGINAL ANIMATION CELS.

Pairs nicely with our 13 GROOVY FILMATION BATMAN ORIGINAL ANIMATION CELS, doncha think?

(And if you’re wondering where Aquaman himself and Superman are (other than in the JLA cels), stay tuned, as they say in the broadcasting biz. Also, almost all of these were culled from the Heritage Auctions website.)

Dig it.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • It’s from the 1960’s Justice League cartoon that was sandwiched in the AQUAMAN show.

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      • Dave, I’ve watched those JLA episodes numerous times over my lifetime. There is no episode in which that cel is used; whether it be “Between Two Armies”, “Target Earth”. or “Bad Day On Black Mountain”. Maybe it flashed by so quick, I never picked up on it.

        Or, maybe it never made it into an episode?

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        • Hi Glenn, that was from the “bumper” for the Justice League short episodes from the Aquaman series. For some odd reason, they included Aquaman in the bumper.

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  1. I own a Bruce Wayne & Batman & Robin cel, as well as a red pencilled sketch underlay. These are really nice and a great collectible of days gone by.

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