Dig These 13 Funky DETECTIVE COMICS #1027 Variant Covers

Another (sort of) Bat-milestone on the horizon…

Detective Comics #1027 — which purports to celebrate Batman’s 1,000-issue anniversary in the book that introduced him — is out Sept. 15-16, and as usual, it will be accompanied by a host of variants, both of the “official” and retailer-exclusive variety.

It’s a kind of amusing affair, considering that DC’s math is way off. (Batwoman starred in the book for a spell, for one thing. And even if that weren’t the case, Batman’s 1,000th appearance in the title would be Detective #1026).

But why be killjoys? DC is obviously having a lot of success with its “landmark” issues of the last few years, so here’s another excuse to put the Dark Knight front and center. (And such a deal — 144 pages for $10.)

Main cover by Andy Kubert

Plus, naturally, the talent is first-rate. Check out the table of contents:

I mean, we’re gonna get a story by Dan Jurgens and Kevin Nowlan that takes Batman through the past — a piece originally scheduled for DC’s stillborn Generations series.


Nice. Very nice.

In any event, as I noted, there will be a raft of variant covers — though DC’s not doing the decade-tribute shtick this time.

Dig these 13 that stand out:

Arthur Adams, for Torpedo Comics

Mike Allred, for Play the Game, Read the Story

Frank Quitely, for DC

Bill Sienkiewicz, for Torpedo

Lee Bermejo, for Torpedo

Black-and-white version

Tyler Kirkham, for the artist’s store

Adam Hughes, for DC

Ben Oliver, for Torpedo

Frank Cho, for Torpedo

J. Scott Campbell, for DC

Terry Dodson, for Torpedo

Bermejo, for DC


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Pass. Not a one catch my eye. Had they done a retro throw back to the original I would definitely be in.

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  2. I hate this philosophy that all the “good stuff” gets put into the 1000th or 1027th issue. How about consistently good story, art and covers monthly, instead? Everybody loves a good “anniversary” issue, but this once-a-year, 20 covers, $10 milking of the customers is getting old.

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  3. Forgive my ignorance, but what the heck is “Torpedo Comics?” I did a quick search and only found a handful of stores with that name. Is it a chain? A chain of comic book stores? Oh, and for the record, most of these left me rather cold as well… I dig the Art Adams one, of course, because the man can do no wrong. Other than that, none of them are really speaking to me.

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    • Torpedo is based in Vegas and owned by John Dolmayan, the drummer from System of a Down.

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  4. It’s not a real anniversary, DC is just looking for another way to sell more comics…..oh, who am I kidding, I’m completely in! The “Batman through the years” story looks amazing, and so do the variant covers. I’m buying at least a few of them, and you can bet I’ll also buy a future hardcover edition with extra material if that is ever released. So keep coming up with every angle you can think of to make special Batman-related material, DC – there are a lot of us fans that are constantly looking forward to new products!

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  5. 144 pages for $10 is a bargain? Not when I can remember begging my mother for another quarter to get a 100 page Super Spectacular for 50-cents.

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  6. It’s always so interesting to see how different artists interpret the same character differently. That’s why I agree that Dan Jurgens and Arthur Adams consistency is SO refreshing. Sorry but I can’t go for the HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY look of Frank Cho’s Fatman or Frank Quitely’s overly gruff, angry and scruffy look. If they clenched their teeth any tighter their teeth will break. But that’s the great thing about artist interpretations. Beauty is in the eye of the Batholder.

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  7. Nice seeing the Crimson Avenger on one of the covers.
    Too other Detective features were not honored.

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