Dig the Magnificent Cover for DC’s WHO’s WHO OMNIBUS Vol. 1

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: A “jam” cover of sorts by George Perez…

Easily one of the year’s most anticipated trade collections is Who’s Who Omnibus Vol. 1, coming from DC in April.

Well, dig this EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at the book’s glorious cover:

There is a LOT to unpack here:

— George Perez’s original Who’s Who covers from the first ’80s series are legendary but he didn’t produce all 26. It looks like DC curated Perez’s images from various covers to make this new tableau. Nice.

— To make it easier to see, here’s the front cover:

The right section looks like it will be the inside flap.

— And here’s the back cover:

The left section looks like it will be the inside flap

— Batman dominates the center of the front cover and gets the spine logo to himself. Notice who’s missing? Superman and Wonder Woman. I imagine they will be central to a second volume’s cover.

Too bad Batgirl and Batwoman are obscured under the translucent blue spine. (See full cover above.)

— Speaking of, if you notice the yellow box on the back cover, you’ll see the edition’s finalized contents — ending in 1989. Who’s Who continued into the ’90s in various incarnations, so I expect those series will make up the anticipated sequel.

— The 1,320-page doorstop is due April 13 and lists for $150. I have all of the original series and most of the first sequels but there is no question I’ll be picking this up. The interior art and readability should be major selling points. A lot of the original pages don’t age well because their backgrounds tended to be light, monochromatic colors that have become washed out. The versions on DC Universe Infinite, however, are bold and vibrant, like so:

— My hope is the book will look a lot more like the right than the left. I’ll be stunned if that’s not the case.

— Nice to see the classic DC Bullet making a cameo appearance in the lower, left-hand corner. Check out other little bits and pieces too:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I have the original binder and pages somewhere. I might get this once the price comes down into reasonable range. I’m curious do the artist make anything on artwork that gets reused like this? I’m guessing no.

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    • This is the original version of Who’s Who, which was published in monthly Comic-Book format, on newsprint. The version with the binders and pages was a later 90’s version. I prefer the old one, myself.

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  2. Props to whomever at DC made sure to include ‘Mazing Man in that cover montage!!

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    • It’s the first step to getting a collection… well, I can dream!

      I’m so looking forward to this, but once again we have modern colouring techniques for art that was never made for it – I wish they’d just go with the more vibrant tones.

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  3. I love the Captain Atom, Captain Comet, Captain Carrot, Captain Marvel Jr chem trail on the back cover.

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  4. Kind of clever to put the Kandorian Flamebird alongside the Terran Nightwing and that both characters are connected to the concept of the Robin sidekick to Batman so we have elements of the Dynamic Duo from Earth One, Earth Two, and Kandor front and center on the cover.

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  5. Whoa, Babe from Atari Force is still on the cover (at the bottom, checking out Beautiful Dreamer). So… I guess that means the Atari Force entries are remaining in the book? Are the rights issues cleared up with that? (And will DC be doing anything else with them?)

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  6. I have all of the original run, plus most of the update issues. I don’t know if I will get this or not. One thing I don’t understand – if Volume 1 contains the original run, plus the updates and the annuals from the 1980s, what does Volume 2 contain?

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    • As the story notes, the series continued into the ’90s in various incarnations…

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  7. Beautiful looking Omnibus. Its on my wish list.

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  8. Superman and Wonder Woman are likely missing because George Perez did not draw the original Who’s Who covers that featured those characters..

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