An All-Star lineup!

This is just something I like to do every once in a while: Artist Matt Wagner, who’s one of the best there is, frequently posts his commissions and illustrations on Facebook and often will run “theme weeks.”

Recently it was the Justice Society of America, so dig this bit of Golden Age gold made modern.

Pretty nifty, I’d say.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. While being a huge fan of Matt Wagner’s own comics, his Sandman Mystery Theatre is one of greatest underrated comics of the 90’s. Fantastic stories and sumptuous, moody art throughout the entire run. Great to see another look at his original Sandman here!

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  2. Had me at classic JSA in their proper ‘age’. These look great.

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  3. Gorgeous. Why isn’t he at least writing and doing covers on a JSA monthly comic? To heck with continuity (which is irrevocably broken anyway), just give us new JSA period stories!

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  4. Those are all amazing. And it’s always a treat to see Wagner’s GA Sandman!

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