Coming in November: Da Ordster has a gorgeous one in DC’s new JSA push…

DC on Thursday announced a trio of titles that herald the return of the Justice Society of America — or a version thereof — and you can read all the fancy details here.

But aside from comics’ first superteam getting the band back together, in a fashion, what jumped out at me in the announcement was Jerry Ordway’s fab, Bronze Age-flavored variant cover for Justice Society of America #1.

Feast your eyes on this beaut:

Oh, that just warms my heart. Cowled Hawkman! Power Girl! Green Lantern! Star-Spangled Kid! Wildcat! The Flash! Robin!

Justice Society of America #1 is due Nov. 22, 2022.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I will give a six out of seven rating. I do like the bronze lighting also.

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  2. Love it. I so miss the JSA from the ‘70s.

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  3. Love it and really looking forward to this series.

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  4. I’ve loved Jerry Ordway’s art since All-Star Squadron. One of my favorite artists from the 1980s, second to George Perez.

    And that Robin costume (designed by Neal Adams, if I remember right) is great to see. Hopefully this series will also include the Huntress at some point?

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