The World’s Finest meal, as prepared by Alfred Pennyworth (with an assist from Lois Lane)…

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Hey, folks! We have something a little different for you this year for Thanksgiving — BATMAN’S THANKSGIVING MENU.

The best part is the reader who pitched and wrote the story just happens to be my Mom, Bette Greenfield, who scoured the web for references about what the Darknight Detective and the Man of Steel like to eat. Plus, every item on the menu is something she has made herself! (Not to mix holidays, but eagle-eyed readers will pick up an Easter egg or three.)

So sit back, unbuckle your belt an extra notch and enjoy.


— Dan

A popular meme. Artist unknown.


Alfred was worried. Batman invited special guests to join him for this year’s Thanksgiving meal – Superman, Lois Lane and their son Jonathan Kent.

As he considered the menu, the thought of serving Batman’s typical lunch — a whole tin of tuna and four rice cakes topped with a smidge of peanut butter — would not do.

He even considered Master Bruce’s favorite dinner — a medium rare, 2-inch thick sirloin and salad. (Superman’s preferred dinner of Beef Bourguignon with ketchup would never work.)

After a call to Lois Lane for her advice, they agreed that roast turkey was required for the traditional American celebration. She offered to bring a cranberry dish made from a family recipe honed by years of traveling across the country as a military brat.

Soon after, Robin asked Alfred to prepare the Batcave’s resident bats their favorite meal — free range chicken gently fried in extra virgin olive oil topped with chopped chives. An eyebrow cocked, the butler nevertheless kindly assented.

Since Batman had given him full reign over meal choices, Alfred decided that along with the traditional roast turkey he would include some of the Batman and Superman families’ favorites:



A Toast with Friends

Ginger ale in a Champagne flute

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Canapes

Topped with petit filet of fresh-caught whitefish, tiny grape tomatoes sprinkled with capers

Garnished with parsley and dill leaves

Mother Pennyworth’s Mulligatawny Soup

Served in a chicken broth of red lentils and fresh sliced baby carrots

Spiced with curry, fenugreek, cayenne pepper and ginger

Flavored with tart apples, unsweetened Thai coconut milk

Traditional American Roast Turkey

Aunt Agatha Wayne’s cornbread stuffing

Alfred’s classic homemade gravy

Ma Kent’s Potato Casserole

With mashed cauliflower and butter

Smallville Farm-Grown Mixed Vegetables

Honey mustard vinaigrette dressing on the side

Lane Family’s All-American Cranberry Sauce

Jersey cranberries flavored with cinnamon, Maine maple syrup, Pennsylvania Amish farm fresh apple cider, julienned Florida orange rind, Georgia pecans

Robin’s Five-Star No-Bake White Chocolate Pie

White chocolate chips, cream cheese and whipped topping, combined and served in Gotham Bakeries’ flaky pie crust

After-Dinner Beverages

Earl Grey tea

An assortment of imported coffees (for Ms. Lane)

Diet Soder Cola

Whole milk


Darwyn Cooke


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NOTE: Thanks to these websites for inspiration and resources: food.com; screenrant.com; thegluttonousgeek.com; thyroidnation.com; menshealth.com; quora.com; comicsalliance.com

Author: Dan Greenfield

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