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TOYHEM! A great idea that just will not stay down…

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Back in September, we showed you the first designs from the greatest line of Spider-Man action figures that never was — based on the far out 1967-’70 cartoon, which was celebrating its anniversary. The whole thing is the brainchild of Spider-Maven Brian Dailey, who couldn’t help but wonder what a set of retro figs based on the series might look like.

There was Spidey (above, of course), Peter Parker, Doc Ock, Mysterio and many more. (Swing on over and click here to check out the whole story.)

Well, we’ve invited Brian back to show off his latest designs as part of TOYHEM!

Dig it.

As a reminder, here’s Wave 1:

And here is Wave 2, which was incomplete back in September:

Now, check out the designs for Wave 3:

Yes. YES. YES!!!

And now, we get to show you the first figures for Wave 4 — a two-pack that would be a mega-seller if only this line of figures actually existed beyond Brian’s imagination and skills:

Man, that is just brilliant.

But I gotta tell you, Brian. Like I’ve said before, your job’s not done until you’ve done this guy — and his blue ape henchmen:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Bring ’em on. I’d buy them all.

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  2. Somebody get Super7 on these,STAT!

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  3. If these were real I’d buy the lot of them…….

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  4. Want! I always wanted to do a series of customs like these. Don’t forget the green faced mad scientist who raises or lowers the entire city.

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