DENNY O’NEIL’s RICHARD DRAGON to Get Hardcover Collection

DC’s answer to the martial-arts craze of the ’70s gets a trade…

I have to say that I’m kind of surprised by this but DC is planning a hardcover collection of Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter — due to be published in early 2021.

Dragon, as you may recall, was created by the late Denny O’Neil and Jim Berry under the name Jim Dennis for the 1974 pulp novel Kung Fu Master, Richard Dragon: Dragon’s Fists. Not long after, the red-haired martial-arts master was adapted as an ongoing series at DC.

While never achieving the status that Shang-Chi did for Marvel, Dragon had his followers and now his mid-’70s tales will be included in Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter: Coming of the Dragon!

Check out the official description, from a listing on Amazon, along with placeholder art:

Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter: Coming of the Dragon!

From the 1970s kung-fu craze come these tales of American martial artist Richard Dragon as he criss-crosses the globe in the cause of justice.

In these action-packed 1970s tales, American martial artist Richard Dragon criss-crosses the globe in the cause of justice. Along the way, he runs across slavery rings, a madman who has possession of an atomic bomb, the monstrous Preying Mantis, the mysterious Doctor Moon, and much more.

Collects Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1-18, The Brave and the Bold #132, and DC Comics Presents #39.

A few thoughts:

— By the way, you can click here for a SNEAK PEEK at O’Neil’s final story — for the Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular. Illustrated by Mike Grell!

— The book collects the entire original Richard Dragon series. Denny O’Neil, who died just this month, and Ric Estrada were the primary creative team, but the series at times also featured writer David Anthony Kraft and artists Jim Starlin, Jack Kirby and Wally Wood, among others.

— The 368-page hardcover lists for $49.99 and is due February 9, 2021.

Standard caveat: This has not been solicited by DC yet, so nothing is official until it’s official. Even then, things can change. Just keep coming to 13th Dimension for updates.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Honestly, I’d rather have a reprint of the novel. That book is hard to find reasonably priced!

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  2. Pleasant Surprise that they are reprinting the WHATEVER HAPPEN TOO story by Mike W. Barr.

    I have been hoping all those WHATVER HAPPEN TOO stories from DC Comics Presents would be collected in a book.
    At least I am finally getting one story.

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  3. I have the original comics and as I’ve grown older I’ve found that I appreciate reading “floppies” more than collected TPBs and HCs but I’m a sucker for collections of 70s series like this. Pretty sure I’ll be forking over the bucks…

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