DC’s BATMAN ’66 Comics Series Nears the Finish Line … or Does It?

The (Living) End … ?

 This week’s DC Comics solicitations include an entry for Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 #6 — the miniseries’ finale.

Besides Julie Newmar’s very Farrah Fawcett-esque pose on Mike Allred’s excellent Disco Era-inflected cover, something hit me: What’s next for the Batman ’66 comics?

Well, it looks like the Batcave is going to be sealed up — at least for awhile.

How very Burt Reynolds of you, Ra’s…

I’ve heard tell there’s a one-shot crossover in the works for this summer — and, hey, hey, maybe/possibly/hopefully another crossover down the line that would flip your wig — but right now the series’ future is a riddle worthy of Frank Gorshin (or even John Astin).

The series, helmed mostly by writer Jeff Parker and a coterie Bat-artists, has been a smashing success. As fans, we’ve gotten more out of it than we possibly could have hoped when it debuted as a monthly nearly four years ago: 30 issues of the main series, a “Lost Episode” one-shot, plus crossover minis featuring the Green Hornet, the Man From UNCLE, the UK Avengers (Steed and Mrs. Peel), and, finally, Wonder Woman ’77.

Ross, Allred, Allred

That’s 55 issues — plus the one I hear is coming. (That also means dozens of frame-worthy covers by Allred and other Bat-istas like Alex Ross, Kevin Maguire, Jonathan Case, Joe Quinones, Cat Staggs and Eduardo Risso.)

For its part, DC is basically mum, with nothing to report. That’s to be expected: The publisher generally refuses to comment or elaborate on anything it hasn’t formally announced. But my understanding is that the Batmobile is headed at least toward the sunset.

Nothing lasts forever, especially a niche project like this. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of crossover opportunities (click here — one of these may actually happen) and I hold out hope that someday we’ll get a Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’78, but it looks like we’re mostly going to have to make do with what we have, just as we have the three seasons of the show (and movie).

Still, it’s a four-year run that’s worthy of celebration. Hell, that’s about twice as long as the show itself.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’d love Batman meets Superman George Reeves!

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    • Supposedly DC can’t find any of George Reeves’ Heirs…

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      • I don’t believe George Reeves had an heirs.

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    • I’d love Batman meets Superman George Reeves!
      I have a story in mind with Batmite and a imp form the 5th dimension.

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  2. “hey, hey, maybe/possibly/hopefully another crossover down the line that would flip your wig”

    Monkees meet Batman ‘ 66!?

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  3. Not a big fan of the crossovers myself. I enjoyed the TV series based main run of 30 issues being a huge fan of the ’66 TV series. There’s something really special about issue 30. The cover is amazing. A fitting end and tribute to the series in memorabilia. Having it signed is priceless!

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  4. Not interested in a Christopher Reeve crossover at all. The Reeve Superman belongs with the Keaton Batman.
    The proper superman to pair Batman 66 with is Superman 55: George Reeves!
    That would be an event to outshine all others.

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  5. Star Trek or Superman would be my first choices, but I’ll be happy with any future crossovers. They’ve been a lot of fun.

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  6. Batman ’66 meets Star Trek: Marta has been posing as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl the WHOLE time…or has she?

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