13 BATMAN ’66 Team-Ups That Need to Happen — After the AVENGERS!

So it’ll be Batman and Robin and Steed and Mrs. Peel, will it? Well, here are 13 OTHER meetings we demand to see!


(UPDATED 4/15/16): DC has announced a June start date for Batman ’66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel. Click here for the full info. And dig this Mike Allred cover!

Batman66_SteedPeel #1_Cover_5710806225af94.00907549.jpeg

(PREVIOUS UPDATE, 9/14/15): In addition to what was announced below, DC is now planning a Batman ’66/Man From UNCLE mini, starting in December, written by Jeff Parker with art by David Hahn. Here’s the Mike Allred cover to Issue #1. So we kinda called it! Groovy!)


DC poohbah Dan DiDio let it out that Batman ’66 will team up with the British Avengers in an upcoming miniseries. No other details but I predict appearances by Lord Ffogg, the Mad Mod and — I really, really, really hope — the Oliver Twists. Or at least Chad and Jeremy.

If Catwoman doesn’t throw down with Emma Peel and if John Steed doesn’t go umbrella-to-umbrella with the Penguin, they’re doing it wrong. And if Mike Allred doesn’t do all the art, I just don’t wanna say …


But now that we’ve had Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet, the Batman ’66 Lost Episode, here are 13 other Brave and Bold team-ups that need to happen!

1. Batman ’66 Meets James Bond. They’d be comparing gadgets for so long, Blofeld and Ra’s al Ghul (played by Christopher Lee) would get away …



2. Batman ’66 Meets Star Trek. Batman in the captain’s chair? Batman and Robin visiting the Mirror Universe? Kirk and Spock dressed in tights and running around Gotham? What, you need more?



3. Batman ’66 Meets the Planet of the Apes. Only Batman could save the Statue of Liberty before they blow it up. Or maybe we’d get: “Gosh! Darn you all to heck!”

If this could happen, then that could happen ...

If this could happen, then that could happen …


4. Batman ’66 Meets Doctor Who. The Bat-Tardis! The Bat-Sonic Screwdriver! The Batscarf! Batgirl — the new Companion!

5. Batman ’66 Meets I Dream of Jeannie. This is for my sister. She loved that show.



6. Batman ’66 Meets Gilligan’s Island. Only Batman would find a way off that darn island.

7. Batman ’66 Meets Lost in Space. Batman builds his own Batrobot to give Robot an assist! Alpha Centauri here we come!



8. Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’52. The World’s Finest team-up you’ve been waiting for.



9. Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’78. The World’s Finest team-up you’ve been waiting for.



10. Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77. I can’t believe this hasn’t been announced already.



11. Batman ’66 Meets the Monkees. The Batmobile vs. the Monkeemobile!



12. Batman ’66 Meets the Prisoner. You know, I have never seen it. I think I have to get on that. That’s a bad gap. Same with Man from U.N.C.L.E.

13. Batman ’66 Meets the Beatles. Wait … I did mention the Oliver Twists, didn’t I?


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Maxwell Smart! The team of MISSION Impossible! Simon Templar, The Saint! They could go back in time to the days of Fort Courage, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wild Wild West! You have I Dream of Jeanie but I think the Stephens’ household would be better (Bewitched)! Mighty Mouse! Underdog! Oh and The Fugitve! Those would all be better than some of the ones you mention!

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    • I originally put Get Smart in there but it got squeezed out. I thought about the Saint — and I always dug Jeannie more than Bewitched. But that’s an argument for another day!

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    • How about that episode where Martha Wayne is reincarnated as a car- My Mother, the Batmobile!

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  2. I would like to see all of the above in the crossover , and the REST of the Avengers !! I mean Dr. Keel , Cathy Gale, and Tara King need to show up in the book !! { And an appearance by Mother would be nice too !! } Also , Batman ‘ 66 could meet the Archie teens , as superheroes or just in a more serious role like in Life With Archie , Archie At Riverdale High , Betty & Me, ect.

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  3. I’d prefer them to stay in the Sixties (with the exception of George Reeves Superman. THAT is an absolute must!). A couple of one offs with Mr. Terrific and Captain Nice would be cool. Definitely Maxwell Smart. They really could turn this into a fun and light “LXG” line. Greatest American Hero. Jack Burton. Our Man Flint. Saturday morning Shazam and Isis. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Land of the Lost. Even H.R. Puff ‘N Stuff.

    Although I wouldn’t mind them creating Batman 66 versions of other DC heroes.

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    • I just hope the crossover with the REAL Avengers goes on and on-just to annoy the Marvel fans!

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  4. Batman and Speed Racer

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  5. Love the Monkees idea. How ’bout Batman meets Gary Seven from Assignment: Earth? He was the interstellar James Bond at the same time as Batman was happening.

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  6. 2-7 don’t work as Batman needs to stay fairly grounded in the real world as established in the series. That leaves out the science fantasy elements for the most part. Plus Dr. Who sucks.

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  7. How about Batman Meets T.H.E.Cat?

    This was a 1966 half-hour TV show on NBC which lasted only one season.

    Robert Loggia portrayed Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat. Cat was a former circus aerialist & cat burglar.He was now reformed & became a professional bodyguard.

    Cat was athletic,scaled buildings.walked tightropes between buildings,etc.

    He had his :Cat’s Claws” which were switchblades concealed under his shirt sleeves.

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  8. I love this! I would totally read the Star Trek and The Monkee’s One. Doctor Who would be pretty cool as well.

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  9. Batman ’66 has crossed over with Wonder Woman ’77.

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  10. I must disagree with your assessment of the Gilligan’s Island story. They key to making the story work is NOT rescuing The Castaways. The key is how to justify Batman leaving them stranded. A tough obstical which I am proud to say that after weeks of creating I came up with a great solution that ties in well with the story and is complicated enough not to be too predictable and that best utilizes the aspect of both shows.

    Furthermore I came up with answers to questions such as why Batman would be in the middle of the south pacific to begin with and which villain and what kind of crime would make for the best story.

    I’m quite proud of this story and would really like a chance to present it to DC Comics.

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  11. There are a bunch of great crossovers for television series that actually had comic books. Another one that was left off the list was My Favorite Martian. Maybe a little too sci-fi; but there is the potential wackiness of the time machine or the episodes where Tim was recruited as a spy.

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  12. Batman meets Captain Action!

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  13. With Archie Meets Batman ’66 underway; I would suggest Batman ’66 on Gilligan’s Island; Batman ’66 on a Mission: Impossible; Batman ’66 Meets The Monkees; My Favorite Martian Meets Batman ’66; Gotham City on the Edge of Forever (Julie Madison must “die” to save the future); Batman ’66 Lost in Space (False Face/Clayface is trying to get cast on the series); and Batman ’66 Meets Superman ’55; Batman ’66 Meets Doctor Who… This one could probably be a 13 issue series meeting all of the Doctors. The first issue would have to feature Clock King and The Mad Hatter. I’m sure there are other series that could crossover – maybe Quantum Leap Meets Batman ’66. I would think that a television series that had a comic book series would be great for a crossover.

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